Comment on the countries balance: Bleak and bizarre


    Bayern, feeds them up and Berlin. The free state has traditionally been the greatest burden of the countries financial compensation, if anything other than harmless. The capital, however, is traditionally by far the largest beneficiaries of the redistribution in a total of tens of billions of dollars.

    The result is bizarre: The city-state has a proud net Income for the past financial year and discussed according to the Motto “We have it” happy on the nationalization of rented housing in great style. Even if the government is the boy in Munich, not a market-based pattern, is likely to your regurgitation of the casual handling of evil, which is maintained on the Spree with the most money.

    Small consolation: the current System is emblazoned as the expiry date of the 31. December 2019. Next year everything will be so different. Then, amplified, redistributed the sales tax.

    Also shoots the Federal government significantly more. The cash flows are invisible, so to speak. Bayern do not need to fret any longer about what you are Finance in Berlin. Thus, the pressure for justification, but it is lost in the capital. Better nothing is determined. A real comfort to the change of system is not.