Comment on the abolition of the distance-buses – On the consent of the citizen trust of the Federal Council for the abolition of the buses for a lack of distance to hold together with his concerns to communicate.Claudia Blumer0 comment will not be fined since Saturday: Close get together on the lake shore. Photo: Andrea payer

On Wednesday, the Federal Council abolished the 100-franc buses, which could be imposed by the police, if the people held in the public space, not two arm lengths distance. Explicitly, this decision was not communicated until today. The competent Federal office is still considering with what words it is the message of the population submit.

The Dilemma is understandable. Similar to before the Easter weekend, as the Federal Council would have the very loved one for a holiday home ban, but in the case of urgent appeals, suffice it to say left, he would do right now as the buses applicable still. The elimination could send the wrong Signal, so is the fear. The people would embrace again, and with a handshake welcome. The Corona could be quick to Pay back in the amount.

But it is wrong, the citizens, their responsibility is to be handled. The Federal Council may communicate the abolition of buses with appropriate arguments and concerns. After three weeks with deep Infection of a fine would be excessive – the ratio of proportionality had been strained in mid-March arg, even if other countries lost a lot harder. However, sometimes the policy over the wallet is the only language which people could understand. It was serious, the government had to act. Now, the Federal Council may add, that he strongly advises continue to hold to the Distance. That it from the medical point of view for the flat to keep the curve is necessary, the trained behavior to maintain ways.

This would strengthen the confidence in the administration’s policy. The population is today at another point than in the first half of March, as many did still, as this pandemic was nothing. You can trust the people that you can deal with this Information. A non-communication, especially in a political Phase, which is classified by state experts as a sensitive, makes fine sense to miss.

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