Comment on SP-Bureau – Give the party leaders more reward For the leadership of the SP only the Kandidatenduo Wermuth/Meyer remains. Against the verkümmernde selection for the vacant party chairmanship, something should be done. Fabian Renz2 Kommentare2Mattea Meyer, and Cedric Wermuth talk during the ongoing summer session of the Federal Parliament. Photo: Keystone

Cédric Wermuth and Mattea Meyer will run from the autumn, together with the SP Switzerland: The as of this Monday is as good as fixed. The Konkurrenzduo with Priska Seiler Graf and Mathias Reynard is Forfeit, and a serious Alternative to Meyer and Wermuth has not been determined.

The withdrawal of Seiler count and Reynard is to be regretted. Above all, the 51-year-old Seiler, count, years of Klotener councillor, and a trained teacher, embodied with your pragmatism, your the salt of the earth, within the social democracy. Wermuth and Meyer are taken from the Habitat of the militant left of the young graduates, the global movements such as “Fridays for the Future” and “Black Lives Matter” is close to. You would have something to look forward to, which culture is in the SP viable. But Reynard pulls it in the Valais government, and the Seiler Graf does not want to receive the candidacy upright.

At the end, one is always glad to any(r) will do it.

Alternative instead of Ausmarchung: In the vacant party chairmanship that has become unfortunately far from the norm. Apart from Green party leader, Regula Rytz, which was eight years ago in a combat choice, have come all the current presidents as candidates by acclamation to the office. The designated Rytz-the successor of Balthasar Glättli has also not against a candidate. At the end, one is always glad to any(r) will do it.

This lack of interest is symptomatic of the decreasing attractiveness and importance of the parties. But they are the most important shaping forces of our democracy – if just for the freestyle of your leadership is less and less a democracy, you can’t be Good. The parties should enhance, therefore need your guidance offices. Party chief of the demanding Job as a councillor (for the interested is each snake). There is no reason the Former pay so much worse.

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