Since there are people who dream of Paradise. There is neither toil, nor Hardship, there all live and well. No other technical progress has brought mankind in the last 150 years of this promise closer than the development of industrial agriculture. Because to be satisfied and not hungry, the biggest challenge was never so easy as it is today. In Germany, more than half of the average household income for the diet was in the year 1900, today there are only just under 14 percent. At the time, worked by 100 workers, around 40 on the field, today there is only a single.

But with Paradise there is such a thing. Artists such as Rubens and Breughel painted it as a fertile garden, in which there is food in Abundance. Since no one must go hungry, that’s for sure. Where the Abundance comes in, stays outside. Heavy machinery and huge animal stables, fertilizer, and breeding labs, endless corn fields and slaughterhouses in the size of factories, to see syringes on the paintings.

It is this side of the industrial agriculture, against the have shown this weekend in Berlin, tens of thousands, with drums and whistles. “For good food and good farming” is the Slogan behind which a colorful Alliance has gathered. The environmentalists of the Nabu and the BUND, aid organisations such as Misereor and bread for the world, the otherwise rather silent interest associations of beekeepers and shepherds, but also in the protest business-hardened activists from Greenpeace and Campact. You know that in the political struggle, a clear enemy and a clear set of fronts will bring the highest ratings. That is: organic celebrated, big corporations are demonized.

organic whole milk for 1.05 Euro

unfortunately, the reality is not so simple in Black and White divorce. You only have to look at the list of demonstrators are accurate enough to detect the. As organic appears, for instance, the largest farming Association of organic farmers in Germany. The Good according to the common patterns. But since a few weeks, you supply to in the large style of the food discounter Lidl. The are the Evil. How do they fit together?