In the supply of Gas to Europe playing America in a League with Trinidad-Tobago and Peru. The 24 cargoes for the year are for the security of supply in Europe is negligible. Less than 3 percent of the gas imports originate from America, but 39 per cent from Russia.

America’s President, Donald Trump wants to change that. Therefore, he threatens with sanctions against the ongoing construction of the Nord Stream gas pipeline 2, and he wants the Europeans to buy more Gas in America.

This is a question of price. It is good if the Texas export Stripping your their dwarf status, and the largest liquefied petroleum gas supplier of Europe.

Not too much Responsive

the expected price war for market share in Europe should benefit consumers. A precondition of this capacity to transform the liquefied Gas back into Gas. Whether it’s a new German Terminals needs to be given to idle loading docks in Europe, is the question.