Comment on German Navy: A great job


Actually, the good news are: The number of asylum seekers has decreased. It moves below the of the Federal government’s target corridor (with the exception of family reunification). So there are less people seeking protection and a better life, arrived in Germany as before. That doesn’t change the hundreds of thousands of individual destinies, which have been individually tested by the Swiss Federal office for Migration carefully, and then, in the rule of the administrative courts, once again, be reviewed.

The is nothing about the global situation, says, in the many Desperate and who are willing to migrate. It depends not only on the will of the German government, as many of the refugees make it to Germany, and, where appropriate, back again.

The Mission speaks volumes

The now essentially completed the Mission “Sophia” of the German Navy speaks volumes: Initially, the German soldiers should fight in the Mediterranean smugglers. In fact, however, they were concerned mainly in order to save shipwrecked refugees. An honorable task that you can’t pursue now but, because Italy wants to take, basically, on this way no migrants.

The Greens have Rescued law: “The less ships the less”. Everyone in the immediate Need must be helped. But sustainable would be to guide anyone if possible on this dangerous path.