Comment on Europe and China – Please be more courage on the ridge wanderungdie EU wants to be US President, Trump is not in an escalation with China, but must find clear words the procedure used in Hong Kong. Opinion Stephan Israel from Brüssel0 comment at the last EU-China summit 2019 in Brussels, it appeared that the relations are still largely in order. After the Corona pandemic is different.Photo: Reuters

In Hong Kong is slowly dying, the freedom, and the Europeans are looking for the right words. Now, the EU has spoken-outside commissioned Josep Borrell on Friday plaintext and China’s recent steps against the special economic zone in the South-East of the country sentenced. But is that enough, if China should attempt to maintain the autonomy of the whole, to be committed to the Regime in Beijing at the time of the Takeover of the former British colony?

The EU sees itself in a Dilemma. The Europeans do not want and should not let Donald Trump in a confrontation with China pull. The EU cannot but niederwalzt watch, if Beijing relies on international agreements across the Rest of democracy and the rule of law in Hong Kong with brutal violence. Add to that the aggressive Propaganda of the origin of the Corona pandemic, or the Attempts to divide Europeans apart.

values against interests

Some countries seem to have weights so far, economic interests are significantly higher than values. This also includes Switzerland, China has once offered for a tailor-made free trade agreements Hand, and now, unlike their European neighbors, without Reservation, the use of the 5G-technology of the controversial Huawei group allows heard. The Europeans can, however, show only together to China, the borders in Hong Kong.

For the EU, China Partner and a strategic rival is at the same time. Partners in the fight against climate change. Rival when it comes to values and the model of society. It is a difficult balancing act on the wishes of the EU much more courage to clear words. If China niederwalzt in Hong Kong, the democracy movement, it’s over with this oasis that was just for the Western investors as a springboard into Asia so attractive. The need to make the Europeans the Regime in Beijing is still much more clearly. An investment protection agreement, like the EU is trying to conclude in the autumn, would then be null and void.

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