After Google have blocked China’s censors are now also the access to the 800 million Internet users to Microsoft’s search engine Bing.

Without the help of an expensive, impractical and unreliable data tunnel (Virtual Private Network) can access the Chinese on the service position, just as on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and thousands of other pages, the fall of the Regime because of their content or to spread because of their potential, from Beijing to unfiltered information.

So far, So normal in China, which curtails the freedoms of its citizens. Interesting is the case of Bing for any other reason. So Microsoft had censored its search results for Chinese users for years, in anticipatory obedience already for the purposes of the regime. That the page is blocked, however, by Beijing, shows that opportunism does not pay in China at the end.

The Google Executive Chairman Sundar Pichai could not hold back the might still, with a censored search engine for China to return. The group has put appropriate plans after protests for the time being on ice. But the lure of the market with 800 million Internet users is large.