Just now, the Federal government adopted the “Strong families act”. Supposedly, the Name is to say that in order for low-income families to be strengthened. Whether the Stronger are already Strong, will be doubted by the experts, of course. One has already noted, it could mean “Stronger-families-act”. Minister of labour, Hubertus Heil (SPD), to whom we owe the note, as it is still a strong name. Minister for the family, Franziska Giffey (SPD) have begun to call “finally laws so (be)that people can remember the name”.

With Hartz IV, the SPD, in terms of a preference for easier memory retention laws, although quite mixed experiences. Also it’s not immediately obvious why citizens should remember the name of a law at all. Complaints of the type “Why, for heaven’s sake, is it because of the law on the implementation of the Second payment services Directive’, and not simply, are Prima-Referral law?” has only rarely loud. To claim that the citizens are in need of “finally” memory support act-name, distracts rather from the actual genius Giffeys: the built-in self-praise. Because, of course, with sound now in every mention of the Minister for family Affairs was due to the “strong family law” – in contrast to all the weakness of family law before. For this interpretation speaks that the effect of Giffey has already been taken away when the “Good-Kita-law”. Already he liked the questions and Yes, if ever a bad day care centers adopted. As the “academic freedom act” of the black-yellow coalition in North Rhine-Westphalia and demonstrative of all the high school bondage laws took off previously.