Comment for Qatar-Boycott: a voice crying in the wilderness


    “the reasons for my decision, it was a question of values, according to which I act, and I want to keep. I think this is important.“ Riku Riski, a 29-year-old football player says. This is the main daily newspaper of his home, the “Helsingin Sanomat writes”. The members of the Finnish national team flies to the training camp into a Warm room, after Qatar. “I’ve made my decision and will stand by it.”

    Riski dispensed with the acting-out of the luxury existence, because it would be contrary to his ethical sensibility. And Markku Kanerva, the Finnish national coach, says: “The participation is voluntary. If a player does not want to come out of private reasons to the national team, I respect that.“ There are so football professionals, the value compass is not solely on the Pole money.

    Who has a Problem with the exploitation of migrant workers, to the glittering world of the Gulf is based, you can try to minimize his involvement. The national player Riski is privileged, however, to the colleagues of FC Bayern München for example. The train on the Basis of their employment contract, where it settles to the sponsors flyer. And because they are paid with qatarischem money, you will land in Doha.

    The dependencies are obvious. The reference to “regular exchange of information about developments in our societies, including the issue of human rights and the rights of workers” (Karl Heinz Rummenigge) has, in the meantime, ritualized character before each Trip to Doha. The balance of power will continue to tilt, the dependencies grow. Other Bundesliga clubs moved in the past few years, often in the United Arab Emirates, where the same principles of money and Power prevail, such as in Qatar.

    money from the Gulf has held its price

    these days there is the Asian championship. It also is a venue: The Emirates aspire to a Higher, such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Both countries want to be like Qatar-be-missed fixture in the sports business. It would be naive to assume that they succeed. If you can reach your political Blockade of Qatar, and dozens of billion-Dollar bids to the Fifa extension to the 2022 world Cup to 48 teams, it will show in the course of the year. Then Qatar would be overwhelmed final – and the “love” neighbors would provide as a Co-host.