there’s nothing to downplay, if representatives of the state violence that have sworn an oath of allegiance to the basic law, to collect relics from the Nazi time and ammunition, Hitler-picture, swap, and Jews denigrate. Likely to be involved even if there is a group called the NSU 2.0, threatened with a lawyer, the relatives of a victim of the terrorist gang held.

So bad, therefore, the allegations are made against Hessian officers, so one should be careful to close out of the incidents to a growing right-extreme network. The image of a rampant Virus of racist ideologies developed a dangerous fascination. Not only because it creates a General suspicion that can later difficult to re-enclosing.

the stereotype is Reinforced so by the police officer, the one that cools frustrated by daily experiences in the service, and the tiresome fight against crime, his Heels in the companionship with neo-Nazis. Such simple explanations make it difficult, but often the analysis.


The reactions of the policy were far more helpless. The Hessian Ministry of the interior, was surprised, apparently, and tries to explore the causes of such excesses. Now must be on multiple levels, and whether it has been sufficiently ensured that the officials understand what is meant by an open society for the everyday life of a police officer.