How often is it complained that Germany has no substantial response to the many proposals of the French President, on the Reform of the EU. The complaint was justified. But now the time is looming over it. Under the impression of violent protests (and his personal goal ends hostility) creates a Macron to the reverse. The tax increase on fuel will only be made once; it can be assumed that also in other fields, such as education policy, the reform will be felt to slacken.

It is certainly no exaggeration, Macron now, after one and a half years in office as “lame duck” to write off. And yet of the young President has been disenchanted so quickly. How to act, he will be in the future – and in what fields? It is almost a curse, that the major European countries diverge so: in the United Kingdom, the Brexit threatens, Italy is on the populism of course, in Germany there will be a new leadership, France experienced a revolt and turmoil. If one is not pessimistic.