Comedy series on Netflix – A General in distress, and Steve Carell plays in the series, “Space Force”, a military chief, the dance also changes. The melancholy of Carells figures. Hans Jürg Zinsli0 comment directs a moon flight project: The four-star General (Steve Carell) in “Space Force”.Image: zvg

to The best of his characters are, when the world falls around together around, and you surrender quietly quarrelling in their fate. You could also say that Steve Carell is in his Element, if the melancholy covered his Comedy and the Loser takes him over. The 57-year-old American, who once wanted to be a postman (but allegedly for reasons of efficiency, failed), has played with comedies in the hearts of the audience. He was the Bureau chief in the U.S. series “The Office”, the sexual late bloomer in “The 40-Year-Old Virgin”, the desperate Proust-expert in “Little Miss Sunshine”. Loveable characters, that were always at least a step next to her shoes.

But then, Carell has focused on more serious roles: As a promoter and killer of a Wrestler (“Foxcatcher”, 2014) he won his first Oscar nomination. “A character in a movie may never know, whether it is in a Comedy or in a Drama,” said the actor at the time. And no, a fear, infuse the multi-billionaire has rarely been seen. Now, in the of Carell with developed and-written series, “Space Force”, white, you never will, what his character is eating just. These will be appointed at the beginning of the four-star General and given the task, a Twitter command of the President (“boots on the moon!”) implement.

this General moves in with a Bang to the God-forgotten Colorado, where his wife and daughter quickly lost. And where he is dancing – up decision is needed – simply for the Beach Boys Song “Kokomo” alone in through the office. Much lost you go, Twitter-Alarm of the President or not.

From Fri 29.5. on Netflix

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