American actor and comedian, Kevin Hart (40) is experiencing a time of turmoil. Just a few days after he was seriously injured in a car accident, and he is being sued by a model and the former ‘sidekick’ Montia Sabbag. The woman is demanding $ 60 million from the Heart for all of the images, which, in 2017, the two have a steamy lovemaking session. Even though Sabbag, earlier claimed that the actor is as much a victim as herself, she is now back on. The model states that Kevin Hart’s sekstape in the scene to be set.

In 2017, in claimed Kevin Hart that he had been defrauded, because there is “suggestive images” were created, which Sabbag, and he play the main role. Jonathan Todd Jackson, a former friend of the comedian, was arrested and charged with blackmail. Sabbag claimed two years ago that the Heart of a victim,” and said that the actor wanted to “work together” in order to find the culprit.

The 28-year-old model, claims are now, however, a claim of $ 60 million, from the Heart. The actress claims to be among the high and the low that the Heart, knew that their into the water, it was filmed and the footage, wanted to use it in order to have a tour in the paint to put on. The hefty fee, it must meet the “ deliberate causing of emotional distress, negligence, and invasion of privacy”.

Married, and got pregnant

According to the gerechtsdocumenten says Sabbag, that the Heart of it was that there was a camera that was hidden in the room. She also claims that he, Jonathan, Todd and Jackson with a key to the room was, so he was able to shoot. The woman claims in a lawsuit so that a jury could, in its opinion, is about the strange incident sheet. A spicy detail is that the Heart was already married to Eniko Parrish, who, at the time of the shooting, six months pregnant. “I don’t know,” says Sabbag.

It is not the Heart, for the winds of the past few weeks. The star of the remake of Jumanji, Ride-Along and The Secret Life, or Pets. is still recovering from a serious car accident. He has also been involved in two other court cases. He was attacked by a company that is a Heart that wanted to launch it. However, when the news of the sekstape uitlekte were planning on in the water. In addition, there is an issue with the former management, that’s all about unpaid compensation.

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