Collusion against Apple-Pay – Postfinance can. questioning of witnesses does not prevent no employee of the Swiss Bank and the former Twint-in-chief may be heard in the course of an investigation to the competition Commission Two complaints to the post Finance was dismissed by the Federal court.0 comment view on the Logo of the postal Finance in the Postparc in Berne.Photo: Peter Schneider/Keystone

The Federal court did not respond to two complaints of Postfinance, the financial, the interrogation of witnesses companies in the investigation of the Apple Pay boycott wanted to prevent. The Comco examined whether the post-Finance, anti-competitive agreements, the cash taken has preferably contactless payment system Twint.

The complaints were directed against the interrogation of the former CEO of Twint, and an employee of the post office Finance. The Federal administrative court as the lower court had heard the Witness as admissible.

However, it is acknowledged that the interviews would have on the information provided by “purely factual” limit. You are not expected to have an impact for the post Finance in respect of any sanction directly stressful. The reason for this lies in the prohibition of self-incrimination forced.

No disadvantage, would not make it right

The Federal court did not respond to the complaints, because it is only between decisions and the Postfinance is not a disadvantage resulting from this, would not make again. Any utilization of non-admissible evidence can be made according to the Lausanne-based court later in the appeal proceedings.

The Swiss Federal competition Commission (Comco) opened in November 2018, an investigation for illegal competition agreements, with various banks rejected the cooperation with the Apple payment system, and only with Twint cooperated.

(SDA /aru)

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