CO2-levy – flight tickets will have to grab up to 120 Swiss francs more frequent flyer in the future deeper into their pockets: The Parliament adopted an airline ticket tax. Only one group was against it. 0 comment for around half of the revenue should be reimbursed to the population: A Swiss machine at Zurich airport. Photo: Keystone

Tickets for commercial passenger flights a levy of between 30 and 120 CHF will be charged, depending on distance and class.

The air ticket levy agreed to the large chamber 132 to 56, with 5 abstentions. It is an incentive tax to: be Rewarded, those that fly little or not at all. A good half of the revenue is to be refunded to the population.

Stefan Müller-Altermatt (CVP/SO) said on behalf of the environmental Commission that the total duties return would be distributed. “The CO2 tax will not be to the competitive disadvantage.” In part, the funds raised would be for the Airlines will benefit if they invest in renewable aviation fuels. About the specific use of the national Council will decide later today.

a / C swivel of the FDP

Only the SVP-group is in the airline ticket levy refused to closed. This will help the climate, nothing and meet the wrong people, said Albert Rösti (BE). For a family of four, the price for a long-raises the price of the route is flight to 480 francs.

in Addition, the SVP argued with the Corona-crisis. “First, we save the Airlines, now we withdraw the Airlines money and put a strain on these in addition, although these are in need of the money urgently,” said Mike Egger (SG). He pleaded to let the airlines time, in order to procure a modern, more efficient aircraft.

The other groups saw it differently. Many bourgeois politicians, especially the FDP representatives have taken place in the past few months, a u-turn. FDP spokesman Matthias Samuel Jauslin (AG) described the provisions as business-friendly. Voluntary measures, as well as the international developments would be taken into account.

vacation in Switzerland

Just a few in the FDP, were of a different opinion. Christian water fall (BE) warned earnestly against a ticket tax. Families would increase in the future just in the near abroad in an airplane, he said. Beat Jans (SP/BS) countered: “The air ticket levy could avoid all the households, if they make it in Switzerland as a holiday,” he said. The beat even SVP Federal councillor Ueli Maurer.

The air ticket levy generated according to the estimates made in the Commission, about half a billion Swiss francs in the year. There’s a big deck and more value, because this money could be in the renewable energy invested into it was the Tenor of the center-left to the FDP.

Priska Wismer-fields (CVP/LU) raised the concern that the airline ticket tax push in the population to a broad consent. In addition, several cantonal initiatives were calling for the introduction.

train instead of the plane

the Federal Council Also supports the air ticket levy. He was of the opinion that all sectors can make a contribution and to said environment Minister Simonetta Sommaruga. In particular, in the case of the short-haul flights rule need for action.

she was optimistic that the railway would be expanded offerings in the cross-border traffic in the coming years, said Sommaruga. “That would be a real Alternative to a short-haul flight.”

Sommaruga pointed out that many surrounding countries have introduced an air ticket levy already. “We take what others do as well.” In addition, the airlines knew of the development in global climate policy. You may have had for a long time on a change set.

Also in the Euro-airport Basel –

Several Details of the tax gifts to speak in the national Council. Minorities demand a higher or a lower fee as well as the exceptions. Matthias Samuel Jauslin (FDP/AG) requested that the air ticket levy shall only take effect, if it can be collected at all airports, so also in the Euro-airport Basel-Mulhouse. Otherwise competition would be distorted.

The Federal government feared, therefore, first, that Switzerland may introduce not a tax, because the airport is under French law. In the meantime, he considered the but as possible. In the Swiss sector, there is, according to the Federal office of justice (FOJ) no problems, as it was the Swiss tax regime, said Sommaruga. For the French sector, the Federal Council will talk with the foreign authorities.

opponents of the application complained that Jauslin’m aware that the tax throughout the country will be delayed. Apparently, the party is now looking for a back door, to the aim to mitigate.

private jets

affected As the Council of States, the national Council decided that private jets are affected by the tax. He has to ensure the provision, however, modified in that the light aviation is not affected and that no double taxation takes place.

The private jet tax focuses on passenger flights outside the lines-air traffic. Per outgoing flight from Switzerland, you should be between 500 and 5000 francs, depending on the Size of the aircraft.

gasoline is a maximum of) 12 centimes more expensive

Also in the road traffic of the national Council of tightening of the rules decided in favour of climate protection (to message. The great chamber is the Council of States with measures agreed to increase the price of the petrol.

The Council remained on the course that had taken the Council of States, and his Commission. In the future, fuel import must compensate for your more – and a larger part in the domestic. This increases the price of the petrol. As the Council of States, the national Council wants to limit the impact but. By 2024, the compensation is to be allowed to increase the price of the litre of fuel by up to 10 cents, from 2025 to up to 12 cents.


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