now, He’s only four matches for Club Brugge in the legs, but all of the sudden lit up fit for a candle, for Eder Balanta (26). The Colombian is in a month and the barn is in place be prepared to be suspended Is to be replaced. Today, the decision will be made.

“I rather, look for solutions than to dwell on problems,” continued Philippe, Clement was positive. Ruud Is sitting tonight against PSG, with a match suspension of, pending appeal against his three-days. The captain of the Club and replacing them is a hell of a job: he was playing after Vanaken, this season, the most of the minutes. Is started, less than one more time on the bench in the league, in order to take a break during the busy month of August. All hope is now on for Balanta. He is normally a good alternative, though, is that the Colombian one in the barn was lying down with a hamstring injury. In order to replace the departed Nakamba will be ready, but the decision as to whether he can play only in the morning. “He’s got the training and completed it, but that is set the day before the race, traditionally, not a lot of. It is a decision made by the medical staff, or for how long he can play. Here we are Tuesday morning < / I> (today, editor’s note.) over,” was the Lenient.

Club Brugge 22/10 at 21:00 Paris Saint-Germain, Click here to see some of the features of Fully-fledged alternatives that are only. It has previously been noted that the central point of the world heritage society less furnished than the offense and defense. Is over and the season’s barely injured, and it is the beating heart of this team. To him, replacing it is usually just unnecessary and difficult. The union, and to the injury of the Balanta set, Clement is now up for the challenge. If Balanta can’t start up, is Kossounou in mind as an alternative. The young Mix was taken as a promise, and have played up to now, only one full match against the amateurs of Francs Borains. This past weekend, he made an ultra-short competitiedebuut in Asia. When it Is a snipperdagje was at Three, in August, it was the Writers, who gave him one. But the FOLLOWING is the Three do not: Vanaken, and the defense of Writers in the society, seems to be a good to a lot of. Clement and the whole Club is hoping that the clubdokters today is a green light for the Balanta.

Also the FOLLOWING shot with Neymar tonight as a key player, but it is, of course, is of a different order.

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Well, no Diagne

now, Mbaye Diagne chose this summer to Club Brugge over Anderlecht, as he was with the blue and black of the Champions League and was able to play it. But a lot of fun, the Senegalese are not yet in the current campaign, to be polite. In the first match against his former team, The nerazzurri, he would be eighteen minutes for the time being. Therein, he was made to be a little overwhelming. At Real Madrid, he stayed on to the end in the evening at PSG, he is sitting in the stands. “I have a lot of choice in front of you are not selected, as he has little to show at the training, was the Club’s coach Philippe Clement recently, in a statement.

expected line-ups:

Club Brugge: Mignolet; Mata, Mechele, Deli, Sobol; Zip Vanaken, Balanta; Diatta, Dennis Tau.

the FOLLOWING: Navas: Meunier, Silva, Kimpembe, Bernat; Herrera, Marquinhos, Verratti; Di Maria, Icardi, Mbappé.

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