the Club Brugge and the top of the eighth off with a 2-1 win in Anderlecht. Not a surprise, but the Club has had a real siege, the need to have a strong Van Crombrugge has to be right. Purple and white on the bottom and hang 5 on the 24th, and will play next week, as a degradatieduel against Waasland-Beveren.

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What a start to the top at the Jan Breydel Club and Anderlecht. Everyone was expecting a war on the home team to win, and that they were also Former, Dennis, and the Tau were all three shot, but the effort lacked direction. And then, when we were still just two minutes. I have to admit, it’s a tactical map of the Clement – a 3-5-2 with the fast-paced, Dennis, and Tau in the front – it worked.

But, look, it suddenly stood up, the from 0 to 1. On a deep ball and went up Amuzu, the spurtduel to Fine, Mix, and came out Mignolet and catered to each other, and Chadli was able to get the ball easily into the goal whatsoever. But a long purple-and-white, not in the lead, and enjoy. Brugge scored in their last ten thuisduels and against its Inhabitants, and were now no more than a minute later. Dennis was a man on a Van Crombrugge, Diatta shot of the pick up in via the post and the back Of Crombrugge at the target. Time to go back to the purple-and-white.

Rapid infiltration

at That, the purple-and-white, with a Trebel on the team, and Derrick Luckassen centrally in the rear in place of Kompany, he knew then, not what the wood arrows to make it. More than once I turned to Dennis and Tau in the back by the Dutch central duo, and Anderlecht, and when you add to that the infiltration by Diatta at the back of the Cobbaut, then you know that it will be difficult. Van Crombrugge was always right on the attempts of the Tau, and Mitrovic.

Meanwhile, Boucaut for a weird moment and made: of the 22 players have stopped playing because they thought the ref called for an offside on Chadli. Vanaken grabbed the ball, but it turned out that the whistle from the stands came up. Boucaut, otherwise it is a scheidsrechterbal, which is Chadli, but sporty, the back line had to leave the race. For the rest, threatened the Club over to Dennis, who is always far too easy to get back on Sandler, and Luckassen popped up. Anderlecht, by contrast, made do nothing more than slightly like would be considered. The young – Sardella, and Verschaeren on the head – didn’t play at the level that they are accustomed to.

After a rest, came to Anderlecht, which is better in the game, but still, it was Crombrugge, who once again excelled: he was a time – with the risk and appropriate to the loose, Dennis, and Tau.

Diatta to break the spell,

it was the best opportunity at the time for Anderlecht: Cobbaut swung the ball in, the sixteen, Luckassen was all the way in the second post, but it hit the legs of Simon Mignolet. It seemed to be a wake-up call for the home team to win, because of what followed, it was a real attack. The Tau shot over, Van Crombrugge stood on the ball of the Vanaken, but in the end it was Diatta, that the spell broke: a beautiful overhoekse trap vloerde he was the Anderlecht goalkeeper. Sour for him, but oververdiend for the home team.

The thuisfans amuseerden quite some leuzes to Kompany ninety minutes is a long time in the bank. “We are trying to get Kompany”, a voice said, and it seemed as though the Anderlecht may need to have their player/coach. Doku tested it yet but once more Mignolet from distance, but, with the exception of his mistake in the 0-1 and played a strong game. In the second half and played a few times with a fire in the back, but it was on easy mode.

A well-deserved victory for a Club that is 1 point of the leader, the Standard, comes – with one match less played. Anderlecht, on the other hand, remains at the bottom of dangle, with a 5 to 24. Next week, the Waasland-Beveren in a match that we can, even if degradatieduel be able to catalog. Kompany was returning to his home in Anderlecht, may be re-presented.

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