the Leader of Club Brugge and has the number one Standard will not be able to beat it in its own Jan breydel stadium. The Rouches came to an early lead due to a goal from Samuel Bastien and defended the then, with might and main. After a rest, scored to David Okereke, however, at the end, but really big chances fell both teams are no more. So ended up with a couple of perks on a 1-to-1. Club Brugge will retain three-point lead over the team from liège.

Club Brugge and Standard were the number one and two in the championship nose-to-nose at the Jan Breydel. Clement and Preud’homme in 2016, and have spent some time kampioenenmakers – shocked by their basiselftallen. Clement has opted for Okereke, in the place of Dennis, in the Standard case Oulare, for the first time to start it. Basically, it had the Standard two days ‘ less recovery and had a following in the European mid-week, but it was at the start of the match, didn’t notice it. The Rouches overvleugelden the Club in terms of sharpness and freshness. As a result, after less than five minutes away from a stunning goal from Bastien. The midfield was Mata, with a subtle key to beautiful to take a look moved, a positional error is back on Club Brugge, and vloerde then Mignolet with a low slider.

For the first time this season, was a Club in Bruges, and in his own long, long time, much much more. That led is not a pepper in the shoes, with blue and black, it would have been in the first half of it make no sense at all. The famous giro of the Club has been skillfully neutralized, the Standard would decline. At the end of the day, saw Clement will also have Some out with an injury. And the worst half at the Club this season, and there was, therefore, one is to go back in a second.

Double bill of the Lenient return immediately

Clement knew that it was just wrong, and took in the peace and quiet. In a double-switch, had to change it: Balanta, and make this happen Diagne – from PSG, not even on the bench, in a Zipper, and the Tau were in the locker room. On the one hand, and a risky gamble, because Clement had 45 minutes after all three substitutes used up. This affected the Club and put the plates right in the end. Balanta sent the Former to the right, the sixteen, and the old captain, with his eighth assist of the season in the second half of Okereke in a little dish to it. Is was in the audience, some were sort of cheering, Club herademde, and went forward again. It’s got to do this not to be the best football at that time, but in will-power seemed to be the leader for a short distance in advance. A Standard hit is barely over the half way line. Ever came to a Club closer to winning the hit. Diatta lap, still hard on the outside and the sixteen, and then it was a run by Vanaken is rejected for a previous offside of the Sobol.

The time is ticking away for the benefit of the Standard, but kansenregen got to the Club, more due to the excellent organization by the team from liège. Four minutes of added time produced no goal anymore, so Club Brugge and Standard, and the points are shared after a bad hit in the Jan Breydel. The Club remains the leader with a three-point lead at the Standard, but it’s still a inhaalmatch, in Charleroi, to the right.

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