Club Brugge-trainer Philippe Clement. after the end of the top match against Standard (1-1) to be firm with his players. “I think some guys are less brightly now, and it was something they just have to choose the game.” He was like this, especially with the rest, exchanged, Percy Tau and Mat Zipped pocket to the endorse. Clement prodded to Michel Preud’homme, who is the Standard, however, a very defensive mode was present. “This is the match that you would expect between the first and the second one in the state.”

Clement did not yet, all too often, evil is to make it to the season, but after the first half-against Standard was the point. Club Brugge have had practically to be created and had to start chasing. A first competitienederlaag seemed to be in sight. “I’m with the rest, is very upset over a few things, but I am still very pleased with the response in the second half,” said Philippe Clement to Play Sports. “After a rest, we get to see why they are in the first place. The only pity is that we have a second goal to no longer be able to make it.”

Photos: BELGA < / P> Clement, a grip is also quite sturdy in it. After he was injured Clinton to the Agent at the end had been achieved, soupeerde he was halfway through all of his bills in by Mats Rits, and Percy Tau are in the room to keep it. “It had nothing to do with the fact that I am tall, he was called to the fact that you can see that you are a person in the front will need more matches to win. And you can see that your defensive midfielder is always a free man, and we have too little to do with the ball is made. No blame to the guys that are off are because they have been given much in the last few weeks,” said Clement.

affordable price for Preud homme

What Clement of them, still being, is that they have not stated that they were tired. ”It turns out that it is very important to find the right moment to be able to rotate, so that a person to rest, to be able to give to you next time fresh. Since we are going this week to talk about this. I have found a number of boys who have less fresh today, and that they should be for the party. Then, we had other choices.”

Photos: BELGA

at Club Brugge and I had a hard time with the strong organization of the Standard. Also, when the blue-and-black, half, better, played, had only one real chance to play in the other football. “It has to do with the fact that you have an opponent who is completely adaptable to you and to your attackers, midfielders, and even your backs mandekking to do. It’s kind of hard to get rooms. They’re not really games you’d expect to get from the first to the second position, but in such a match, it was well, poked, Clement is still the Standard.

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