Clothing as social apparatus. Far from being limited to summer recreation, naturism is an art of living practiced by those who wish to live in harmony with nature. According to the official definition, adopted at a conference held in Cap d’Agde in 1974, naturism is characterized by the practice of communal nudity, with the aim of respecting oneself, others and the environment.

Out of the question, therefore, to limit this philosophy to the fact of sunbathing naked on the beach two months a year. In a previous article, Julien Claudè-Pénégry, spokesperson for the Association of Naturists of Paris (ANP) and co-author of Voir la France tout nu (ed. Hachette Tourisme), told what were the activities of naturists when temperatures plummet.

Relax in the hammam, see a film at the cinema, attend a play, stroll through a museum… “As it’s a way of life, we don’t forbid ourselves anything to do naked and in winter does not change anything except that it is a little colder (…) We evolve in an interaction of well-proposed moments which will time the whole season before returning to the naturist areas in summer” , says Julien Claude-Pénégry.

A true activist, he is also the producer of Beautiful Skin evenings, a structure that organizes parties in the simplest way. These are clubbing evenings “to dance in complete nudity” in Ile-de-France discos. How do these events unfold?

Julien Claudè Pénégry offers two types of evenings:

“These are 100% electro DJ sets, people come to dance to good music, participate in body painting, artistic shoots, dance shows… It’s fun, experiential”, explains the spokesperson.

Contrary to what one might think, these moments of sharing are not reserved for regular naturists! “These are very often people who have never done naturism because we get out of the nails a bit, we can go there with friends, as a couple, find acquaintances… There is something sweeter, nudity is not perceived in the same way at night,” he continues.

Clothing required, prohibitions… What are the rules for participating in these naturist evenings?

When you arrive at a naturist nightclub, you must, as in any club, leave your belongings in the locker room. The only difference is that you don’t just have to get rid of your coat and scarf, but all of your clothes, except your shoes.

“You are given a numbered pocket to put your means of payment, and you must also leave your phone in the cloakroom because it is forbidden to take photos. The goal is to communicate, create links. The atmosphere is healthy and benevolent , the goal is to come and have fun and dance!”, concludes Julien Claudè-Pénégry.