In Knokke-Heist, belgium / Blankenberge –

A 40-year-old Blankenbergenaar risk in the city of Bruges criminal court to six months in jail, with the exception of the theft of an electric vehicle.

On the 20th of may, 2017, in stepped J. P., of the electrical shop Demuynck, along with the Producers in order to within the. He said he wanted to go to his own words, ” an electric vehicle, but only after a testritje. J. P. handed him a white bag, as a deposit, and drove the bike out of the shop.

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“Then the accused has the right, after twenty minutes, still not back, but it was the manager’s suspicion of culture. The bag turned out to be a full can of beer and an empty can of Red Bull is to sit down,” said the prosecutor.

The manager went to the accused has the right to search its own set of wheels, but to no avail. Five months later, it popped up with the stolen bicycle, suddenly, a tweedehandssite. The injured manager was offered a price and I was able to verify the identity of the seller to find out. That turned out to be none other than J. P. are. The police carried out a search warrant at the man and found the stolen bicycle in the patio. “When it’s an electric bike that I got from my dad was stolen, I’d need a new one,” he said to the police.

The decision follows on the 17th of October.