A year of reign like no other. After her coronation in the Miss France 2020 election, the life of Clémence Botino has completely changed. A brilliant art history student at the Sorbonne, the young Guadeloupean has become the most beautiful woman in France.

After a triumphant return to her native island, Clémence Botino toured the media, multiplied the signing sessions and public appearances, acclaimed by the fans who acclaimed her. A fairy tale that turned into a nightmare for the beauty queen. While her year of reign was disrupted by the coronavirus, she remained in confinement for several months with her relatives in Guadeloupe. When she returned to mainland France during the first deconfinement in May 2020, she escaped the flames that ignited her building in the 17th arrondissement of Paris.

While flying to Israel to represent France at the 70th Miss Universe pageant, she tested positive for Covid-19. After being placed in solitary confinement, Clémence Botino shone on the international scene by ranking among the ten most beautiful candidates. “This is it! This is it! From a 10 day quarantine to a Top 10! I’m very happy and proud! I felt beautiful, sexy and modern! Congratulations to our new Miss Universe,” he wrote. she writes in December 2021 on her Instagram page, before thanking her fans. “Thank you for all your love, but really for everything”.

This Tuesday, October 11, the Miss France Committee announced in a press release that Clémence Botino will represent France in the Miss World 2023 competition. An announcement which comes as Miss France 2022, Diane Leyre, has withdrawn from participating in Miss Universe 2022. “So happy to be back on stage. Never forget to be yourself, to live for yourself and to welcome all the chances and opportunities that come your way. Thank you for your love,” said expressed the Guadeloupean under her post of Wednesday, October 12, following its formalization at the next Miss World competition, on her Instagram account. For the moment, the date and place of the election have not yet been revealed.

Very followed on social networks, Clémence Botino has a privileged link with its 378,000 subscribers on Instagram. Between sensual shots and the paradisiacal beaches of Guadeloupe, she spent beautiful end-of-year celebrations with her family before reuniting with the Miss clan in mainland France. Focus on the beautiful photos of the young woman in our slideshow.