“let’s Do it like the EU and justso often vote to us dasErgebnisin the stuff fit?”, the kangaroo in the Marc-Uwe Kling’s Bestseller asks, “The kangaroo Chronicles”. With a similar allegation, the proponents of a second Brexit-a referendum to contend with, they would not accept the outcome of 2016 and try to force the whereabouts of the United Kingdom in the EU, with a further vote.

Anna-Lena Ripperger

editor in the policy.

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in view of the desolate situation after the Failure of Theresa may’s Brexit Deal on Tuesday in Parliament a second Referendum appears to be but above all, many Labour members more attractive as a departure from the European Union, without agreement, i.e., a so-called hard Brexit. However, a further vote on the exit would change the unhappy Situation indeed? And a second Referendum could reconcile the split in British society?

A pacifying effect?

According to a survey by the opinion research Institute YouGov for Wednesday, the British would vote in a second Referendum with a clear majority for remaining in the EU. 56 percent of respondents in the flash poll, to vote in favour, 44 per cent would opt out, said the campaign “People’s Vote” on Wednesday to force a second Referendum on the EU exit. In June 2016, 52 percent voted for and 48 percent against Brexit.