Clearly comes through say on the subway platform. Smoking is not allowed in this area of the Frankfurt’s main railway station. But then an S-Bahn train and on the other the Track a lot and the end of the passenger information is lost in the.. “We have to adapt,” noted Roman, Sick from the Berlin-based company Holoplot. Together with the track, he is testing a new audio system to make for more understandable speaker announcements. On success, it should be used at other stations in the Federal territory.

Sick stressed on Wednesday in the Frankfurt underground station, on a half-year test phase, the key is to solve problems such as in the case of the demonstration that had occurred: “We want to test different scenarios.” The new System had been installed a week ago, the noise of two at the same time-driving cars must now be integrated. Stations in very difficult environments,” it was there, installed a lot of concrete and there are many sources of noise”.

the two underground platforms, the S-Bahn tracks 103 and 104, the Berlin-based company at eleven locations, a total of 23 Audio modules to install. The special feature of the black boxes: they are again made up of many Mini-speakers, and are controlled by a Software, such as Sick explains. The propagation of sound let up to a few centimeters affect. Passengers who were waiting at a Railroad, would no longer be disturbed no longer by say, which are actually intended for those on another.

50,000 passengers daily

every Day, approximately 50,000 passengers rush through the underground station in Frankfurt, the tunnel route under the City is one of the busiest of the Deutsche Bahn. Delays are the order of the day. Together with its regional partners in the Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund (RMV), the hopes of the group that with the new technology by say, in the dense commuter traffic to arrive more clearly at the customer. 150,000 euros to the companies for the Test.

the System is, a use also of other railway nothing stations in the way. Conceivable this is, for example, where there is especially a lot of complaints, says Susanne Kosinsky of the Deutsche Bahn. Tests in the Frankfurt train station hall were very promising. The passengers need clear information about the status of your Connections. “If we tell them, but do not understand it, we have a Problem,” said Kosinsky.

The passenger Association Pro Bahn welcomes the Audio Test. “If on the opposite Track at the same time an announcement is in, is often nothing more,” says Karl-Peter Naumann of Per track. Problems at smaller stations waiting for a solution, for example, if there are complaints from residents due to loud, or in a strong Wind and train rides.