Doing the dishes, vacuuming, mopping the floor… These household chores are so mundane that it seems impossible not to know how to do them properly. And yet! Some bad habits die hard and are actually detrimental to all the efforts made during your cleaning session. This is surely the case with the way you wash the floor of your home.

If you used to fill a bucket with hot water and floor cleaning product, it’s time to shake up your habits! According to Femme Actuelle, this is a big mistake. “As for laundry, for which 30°C is sufficient on a daily basis, the floor must be cleaned with lukewarm water”, specifies the magazine.

What’s wrong with washing the floor of your house with hot water? If this makes it possible to better eliminate certain recalcitrant traces, the hot water evaporates so quickly that it leaves residues of your household products on the surfaces. Instead of being all beautiful, all clean, your floor will then stick and leave unsightly stains. You can even use the mop “in cold water because it dries slower, more evenly and doesn’t evaporate,” FemmeActuelle adds.

If the mop can be passed once a week only, it is nevertheless necessary to make sure that you have vacuumed all the dirt, crumbs and dust which lie around before moving on to serious things. The magazine also advises cleaning the floor using two different buckets: one filled with warm water and cleaning products, and the other with clear water to rinse the mop. Roll up your sleeves!