Enes Kanter, a Boston Celtics center, continues his one-man NBA protest against human-rights violations China.

Enes Kanter, the Boston Celtics’ center, is continuing his stand against human rights violations in China by taking a one-man NBA action. This time, he will be focusing on the International Olympic Committee.

Kanter stated, “Shame on organizations such as the International Olympic Committee that’s setting Up an Olympic Games This upcoming Winter in China Where there’s A dictatorship Happening Right Now.” We should boycott the Winter Olympics.

Clay Travis, founder of OutKick, says Kanter’s willingness to speak out — even though it is not popular with the NBA — was admirable.

Clay tweeted, “Enes Kanter is far braver than any pro-athlete to call out China than anyone has ever been to stand on nearly anything in the 21st Century.” But most sports media and their employers don’t cover it. Why? They’re also in China’s pockets.”

Kanter has taken aim at Nike and LeBron James regarding their relations with China. He also criticised the government of the country. This is a rare occurrence in the NBA, as the league and some its athletes make a financial killing of the Chinese.

Clay pointed out that the media covering the league is a large part of Clay’s observation.

Kanter, for example, wore shoes that depicted James bowing before China during a Celtics-Los Angeles Lakers match. Reporters only asked James his opinion about the shoes. They didn’t bother to ask James what he thinks about China.

James, the league that they cover and their employers likely frowned on this. They avoided the topic entirely in order to spin Kanter’s story in favor of China’s atrocities.

The NBA was founded as a league that stands up against injustices all over the world. It holds camps and exhibitions in China and plays games. Kanter suggested that it should hold China to the same standards as cities in the United States.