about two hundred organisations, expressed in a letter in The Morning, and their concern about the plans of the Ham and I. I fear that the extra savings of those silenced will be making. “If you’re looking down on the society, there are the decisions that our society will benefit,” says Ann Vermorgen of the CSC, was one of the signatories.

“It is the policy of the Ham, I do not go beyond the ideas which in their time have long since had to have, in the alternative, oktoberverklaring of “Heart over hard”, that is, two hundred individuals and organizations have signed up to it. In the letter, it reads as a caution to Ham, of the I – and the political leaders are able to better engage in a dialogue with the broad civil society.

“the new government has set itself up as a strong, Jan, , that is, associations of minority groups opdoekt. That is, the sides of tires are standard. That exaggerates against the non-governmental organisations, and citizens in the lives of countless individuals jump in front of them. Organized votes against germans”, says the letter.

the Actions

In the socialist trade union ACOD, one is convinced that it is not a letter, it will continue to be. GCPS are waiting for the recommendations of the ministers, at the end of October, and the impact of budget cuts, to know. But after that, actions are now all fixed. “We know what’s coming: a total of 1.440 members of staff, a reduction in the operating budget, and again, gemorrel our ziekteregeling,” says the secretary general and Chris Agreeing. “We’re going to have all kinds of means to take to avoid it.”

More about john Ham, the Former director of the National Bank out of at Jan Jambon: “Narcissistic, like Donald Trump and The return of Jean-Marie Dedecker: “it is a theatre, in the coffee room, it is more important than that of the hemisphere as a” Ham, “Europe must be firm action against Turkey,” Pol Van Den Driessche is a diplomatic adviser of the Ham