Civil service instead of RS – Süssli warns of massive shortage of personnel in arms every year the armed forces lose a few Thousand young people – what will result in this decade, a major resource problem, according to the chief of the Swiss army.0 comments”I want to create a modern army”: Thomas Süssli at a media conference on the Coronavirus in Bern on 16. March 2020. Keystone/Anthony Anex

the chief of The Swiss army, Thomas Süssli, has warned of a resource problem in the armed forces. “At the end of the decade, us will be missing around a quarter of the stocks,” he said to the “view” from the Saturday.
“We lose every year a few Thousand young people, which should actually provide for us a service,” he explained. There is a need, therefore, a discussion on the capabilities of the army. If Switzerland would have the same army as it is today, it would take the armed forces with more personnel, he said.

“I want to create a modern army, in particular with regard to culture and digitisation,” said the 53-Year-old. The army should align itself to the new threats, it was said more. “The performance profile and resources must be in compliance,” said Süssli. The army chief also pointed to the neighboring countries, which would invest more in the defense.

as To the reasons why the army is losing so many young people, said the army chief: “a Lot of decide on the RS to go into the civil service. Others do not want to be in the RS, but for medical reasons. Then also RS-graduates in the civil service to change, often because of the compatibility with the profession.”


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