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The interview with the director of Finance of the Community of Madrid, Javier Fernández-Lasquetty (Madrid, 1966) is maintained with a mask and distance in an office dotted with boxes for opening and Tintin figurines. “The communities had to be that we look for suppliers all over the world in the moment of maximum tension”, the committee regrets that was the counselor of Health of the community between 2010 and 2014 to criticize the management of the epidemic by the Government.

–What do you think of the new deal proposed by the Treasury department for the fund of 16,000 million to the regions?

-The first thing is that it has to come soon. The minister gave a very well-defined at the beginning of may, I don’t understand why it is taking so damn long. What is terrible is that the fund is approved so late that you don’t have time to run it. The criteria that says the minister seem logical: if the fund is faced with the expenses generated by the coronavirus must be very aware of the health impact on hospital admissions, where it has been generated the largest volume of spending.

–What do you think of the tax on large fortunes that announced Churches, being a regional competition?

–What the Government wants to do is very unclear, beyond having the power as long as possible. And with respect to matters of taxation, from the first time it has made it very clear that I don’t want to raise taxes by the Covid 19 but take advantage of the coronavirus to raise taxes that was what I wanted from the beginning. The only figure of the set was given to vice president Paul Churches, and it raise the fiscal pressure in 60,000 million. To do so, they have to climb the VAT, the corporate income Tax and the personal income TAX that is what I will end up doing, and will display as ink as the squid a wealth tax. With him want to raise 11,000 million. Heritage is now being collected 1,300 million in the whole of Spain. In 2008, when more entered and still existed in Madrid, came to raise to 2,300. Not only because it would cause a leak to neighbouring countries, no wealth tax can raise 11,000 million.

–What are the red lines they have in the reform of the financing regional?

–For Madrid is crucial that the communities can continue to have the ability to decide if we want to lower taxes. What they cannot claim is that because another president of an autonomous region like Catalonia or Asturias– wants to raise taxes that fall on Madrid. It is self-defeating: Madrid, with a policy of low taxes, has generated most of the wealth and employment of Spain. Shoot against Madrid is not good for anyone: it also creates more revenue for all of Spain. In time, if someone wants to take advantage of a crisis such as the coronavirus for Madrid to raise taxes seems to me a very malicious of a disgrace. We do not what we would take, we’re not going to raise taxes. We want a funding clear and transparent, without the traps that Zapatero put to the system and allow Madrid to continue with his policy of low taxes.

–do you Believe that there can be reform without agreement, as in 2009?

–Hopefully not, but we are faced with a Government that has been able to in the same day to reach an agreement with a party as the Citizens and with the training the heir of the political arm of ETA. I hope me anything in the reform of the financing and are making a huge error if you are put in a negotiation, to cheat against each other. That would not benefit anyone. We saw with Shoemaker, that got a few criteria to disadvantage some and benefit others, and have finishing going to those who would harm us has been harmed and to those who wanted to benefit, they have not been benefited, particularly to Catalonia. Up to do evil there that have talent.

–How are they going to pay for the increased spending of the coronavirus? Do not going to raise taxes?

–Not what we are proposing. The expenses generated by the coronavirus is exceptional, that’s why we ask for a fund of the State to cope with these expenses that fall into the services of the communities. We’re going to have to be very pending of expenditure and revenue but not raising taxes, because it would have an opposite impact to that haunt him. And we maintain the intention of taking them down, mainly the personal income TAX during the legislature. We still have more than three years ahead and there is time to meet this commitment.