A famous chef joins The Best Pastry Chef: The Professionals. This Thursday, June 23 begins season 5 of the M6 ​​culinary competition, hosted by Marie Portolano. An unprecedented edition rich in novelties and, in particular, on the side of the jury with the arrival of Christelle Brua who succeeds Jean-François Piège.

Alongside Cyril Lignac and Pierre Hermé, the 40-year-old pastry chef will be able to show taste and intransigence to rate the new candidates for Best Pastry Chef: the professionals. “The candidates know our level of requirement, and we will not let anything pass”, she assured in the pages of Télé 7 Jours.

Accustomed to cooking competitions, Christelle Brua has already made appearances on television as in the amateur version of the Best pastry chef and Top Chef on M6, or MasterChef on TF1, and Who will be the next great pastry chef on France 2. “What I like it, it’s the approach that the candidates have to pastry. These programs also make it possible to discover new personalities, but also and above all new techniques and new desserts”, she confided to Gala.

Before going on TV sets, Christelle Brua honed her pastry skills behind the stove. The latter worked for 16 years with Frédéric Anton in the restaurant “Le Pré Catalan”, before being the first woman crowned best restaurant chef in the world. We owe him the puffed apple which is his famous signature dessert.

An exceptional talent that Guillaume Gomez was able to detect, allowing him to join the top of the State (or rather the kitchens of the Élysée) in 2019 in order to supervise pastry. A great opportunity for Christelle Brua who today offers her delicious dishes to the presidential couple Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron. “For me, the Élysée is an institution, it is the most beautiful house in France. It is a real honor to serve the president and his wife”, she rejoiced in front of our colleagues.

This mother has especially fond memories of her arrival at the Élysée. “It was very natural. I was welcomed as if I was already part of the family. Afterwards, of course, we take our marks. The President of the Republic and the First Lady are two very caring people. I felt completely fulfilled there. It’s a very nice experience, “she says, adding further. “What I can tell you is that the president and his wife are very attentive to us, to the teams in general. And of course we sometimes meet them”. Before knowing if the Macron couple will take their first steps in this new season, discover an anthology of photos by Christelle Brua in our slideshow.