The planned entry of a Chinese Investor, given the listing of the shares of Heidelberger Druckmaschinen on Wednesday a price jump of 20 percent. The Masterwork Group, a manufacturer of die cutters and hot foil stamping machines, is to receive a capital increase of around 8.5 per cent in the company and would be shareholders to the utmost.

the lunch time, the share of Heidelberger Druckmaschinen recorded almost 20 per cent in the Plus at 2,068 euros and has thus indisputably the best course for development to take under serious share on the German market. The day before, the Metzler Bank had lowered its price target for the stock, which had let the exchange rate to fall by 5 percent.

short sellers have fired on the wrong foot

A relatively high short ratio in the stock is likely to the significant price jump on Wednesday. So-called Short investors of the securities on the market and sell them in the hope of a case rate to lend to you to buy later cheaper back again and again to achieve a profit. With the rather unfavorable development some are likely to want on Wednesday to limit losses.

The course is, however, a good piece below the proposed issue price of the new shares of 2.68 Euro, with a transaction volume of nearly 70 million euros. May the investors to the fact contributed that both the boards of both companies, as well as the Chinese authorities must approve the Deal.

In addition, in the case of a participation of only 8.5 percent, a takeover offer that could drive the share price more to expect.

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A longer-term view put in perspective the current price jump: From the record of the new Millennium, stands for the year the stock is still miles away. at that time, about 46 Euro return expected for the share is paid. Since 2009, the shares have remained far removed from the brand of 10 Euro, because printing services are in demand in the digital age, less and less.

The price of the new shares to be understood as a “Mega bonus” and show that Masterwork suppose I have a greater interest in the agreement, said in a recent Metzler-comment. As a result, the Chinese “High-End technology brought” into the house. However, it is unclear what Heidelberger Druck promise in the light of the since 2013 existing partnership on a short-term injection of funds and a stronger commitment in China, in addition to of the Deal. A trader, according to the issue price of the new shares includes a valuation premium of around 50 per cent to the average stock exchange price of the past three months.