It was a Wednesday in The not ontvoeringspoging of the children. That is, the public prosecutor’s office for the Mountains on Friday announced, after a series of investigations by the police, including interviews of a number of the parents of the children.

The public prosecutor’s office, of the Mountains, it was a Wednesday in the height of a ontvoeringspoging of the four children (aged 5 to 9 years old, in the Hainaut municipality of The. The four masked men in a white van tried to be a girl and a boy, in order to drive the potatoes, the crops were in a line across a football field. In the report, it was treated very seriously by the police and the judicial authorities.

The police went to the business, and answered a number of the parents. Conclusion: there is no ontvoeringspoging have been, according to the public prosecutor’s office. In the story, the children thought of it, in order to have a bolwassing by their parents in relation to their vestimentaire state to prevent the state, the public prosecutor’s office in Bergen.

The study will, however, continue to have those first impressions to be confirmed.