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Among the documents curious and interesting that can be found in the video portal YouTube, are the rock stars before rock stars. One of the most fun is played by the lead singer of the Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger.

in the mid-fifties, a television program british called Seeing Sport, which was intended to encourage young brits to play sports, he invited his father, Joe Jagger (who was professor of physical education) to participate as wizard weekly, commenting on different products, and sports modalities. In 1957 he began to take his sons Mick and Chris to participate in the show, and in 1959, the future member of the Rolling Stones, fifteen, just turned, was the protagonist of a chapter that appeared to talk about running shoes to mountaineering and to demonstrate their good talent for climbing. And in fact, in the video, filmed in a place called Tunbridge Wells (close to Kent), you can see a young Mick showing off his shoe (the narrator explains that he does not need more than some gym shoes, and not boots mountaineering expensive and luxurious) and after displaying his handling with the ropes and skills of their climbing.

During the following years, both Mick and his brother Chris appeared regularly on the program, teaching viewers how to assemble a tent, or how to handle a rowboat.

it was Also possible to see at that time a block David Bowie made its debut on television, but with very different motives to those of Jagger. In your case, the future Duke White appeared in quality of the founder of “the Society for The Prevention of Cruelty to Men with Long Hair”, a kind of youth association which aimed to fight against the prejudices that large part of the british society of the early sixties felt against the “melenudos”. Interviewed by Cliff Michelmore of the BBC, Bowie shows a maturity surprising in its exposure. “In the past two years we have received comments like this: ‘Come in, dear,’ or, ‘do you Want me to take the wallet?’, and I think that this has to stop immediately”, complains the young activist. “I like to have the hair as well and we all like it. We don’t understand why other people should chase after us for this,” continues the by then a member of the music group Mannish Boys, who at that time had 17 years and warned: “If someone loses their job in a factory or thrown out of a bar for having long hair, we will write a request and we will send you to the LCC (College of Communication London)”.

Another artist illustrious that had a debut surprisingly early in television was Jimmy Page , the guitarist of Led Zeppelin. When I was 13 years old, appeared on the program “All Your Own” for a little interview and perform music skiffle (in particular the song “Mama Don’t Want to Skiffle Anymore”) with other musicians with whom he played in a youth band. The year was 1957, and Page was not even clear that I wanted to be a God of the guitar: when the interviewer asks you what you would like to do in the future, speaking of medicine. “I would like to study biology to help find a cure for cancer, if you have not yet found one when he is older”. However, Page would become a prestigious musician of session, and at the end of the sixties he founded The Yardbirds and then Led Zeppelin, which achieved huge success planetarium.

Another great rock star who had a moment of fame many years before you get into a scenario, it was Jim Morrison , the lead singer of The Doors. Before you start to study at the film school, UCLA Film School, the young James Douglas Morrison enrolled at the University of Florida, FSU (Florida State University), where he remained several months. There, a radio and television station local public call WFSU recorded several episodes of a series on the youth and students of the area, and in one of them can be seen to a young Morrison talking about their concerns and interests for the future. The tape was donated to the University of Florida in 1989 without knowing that the future King Alligator was in it, but an archivist of the university discovered it by chance and the center of studies decided to share it with the world on YouTube.

The images show Morrison picking up a letter from the university in the mailbox of the home of his parents, in which he was told that “unfortunately, they can’t admission”. After, a teacher talks with him about the difficulties of the institution to offer tuition to all students who are trying to gain access to their careers, due to lack of resources. Shortly after, Jim went to live in Venice Beach, California, where he met keyboardist Ray Manzarek, guitarist Robby Krieger and drummer John Densmore, and the rest is history.