“My graft just arrived. And it’s past time. It’s wonderful. Thank you for all your prayers. They heard you. I’ll never forget it.” It was with these words that the 53-year-old actress announced her second heart transplant with a photo of herself smiling from her hospital bed. According to information from Closer, Charlotte Valandrey was operated on from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. in a large Parisian hospital and left the operating room last night. She is currently recovering from the transplant which would have gone well according to daily information.

The end of a long journey full of pitfalls for the actress. On June 9, the actress told the magazine Bien dans ma vie that she had a very difficult relationship with her body because of her HIV status and her heart problems. “I learned that I was HIV positive in 1987, at 19 years old. I did not feel any manifestations of the disease until 1996, then I lost control of my body. I had two heart attacks because of AZT treatments and, in 2003, I had to undergo a heart transplant. I had 10% of heart capacity left”, explained Charlotte Valandrey.

The actress of “Tomorrow belongs to us” is very transparent about her difficult health journey. “I haven’t been in intensive care for a month for a history of medication. My heart has come to an end and I am therefore waiting for the one who will be my 3rd”, had entrusted the actress to her subscribers on Instagram with a photo with the inscription “Waiting for my third heart”.

The actress seems to be less and less morally managing her health problems over time. “I need all your positive vibes. Of love, of kindness, of your prayers. Because the Warrior is less Warrior…”, she recently confided to her subscribers.

Last March, Charlotte Valandrey confided to Gala that she could no longer bear all the medicines essential to her health. “So far it hasn’t bothered me. I swallowed them all at once. For some time, I can’t stand it anymore. It’s like a rejection. It doesn’t happen anymore. I have to swallow them six times, and again with difficulty. I think it corresponds to a fed up, I can’t take it anymore”, she explained.

The actress Charlotte Valandrey, star of the film Rouge Baiser, confided on several occasions about her HIV-positive status in her books L’Amour dans le sang and De cœur unknown or Every day, I listen to my heart beat. In the latter, she had also revealed that she had suffered two heart attacks, prompting her to have recourse to a heart transplant.

Charlotte Valandrey has, despite her illness, managed to chain roles in several feature films, series and theater roles. On the private side, the former actress of Tomorrow belongs to us has a daughter, named Tara, born in 2000. The young girl is the fruit of her love with Arthur Lecaisne, from whom she separated two years after the birth of her daughter. .

Charlotte Valandrey never revealed the name of the person who allegedly transmitted HIV in her autobiography. She had mentioned it in her book L’amour dans le sang, published in 2005. She mentioned her affair with a “Gothic prince”, guitarist of a famous rock group of the 1980s. “I see the kisses, the hugs, my body penetrated, I only made love“, she wrote in her autobiography.

Some had immediately mentioned the name of Stéphane Sirkis, guitarist of the Indochine group who died on February 27, 1999 of hepatitis C. A hypothesis disputed by his brother, leader of Indochine.