A new rumor has emerged on the date of the coronation of Charles III. On September 10, 2022, the son of Elizabeth II was proclaimed King of England by the Council of Succession in front of a group of senior MPs, senior officials and in front of Commonwealth Commissioners at St. James’s Palace. At 70, the husband of the new queen consort Camilla Parker-Bowles finally acceded to the throne.

While the father of princes Harry and William should be crowned king in a historic ceremony within several months, the Bloomberg television channel has set fire to the powder. According to the media, King Charles III should be crowned on June 3, 2023, nearly 70 years after the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. The latter had been crowned more than a year after her ascension to the throne on June 2, 1952.

It would therefore be a nice nod to his late mother, who died on September 8, 2022 in her Balmoral castle. “On June 2, 1953, Queen Elizabeth was crowned in Westminster Abbey. If Charles’ coronation does take place on June 3, 2023, it will necessarily echo that of the sovereign”, told us Kévin Guillot, historian and author of the website Monarchiebritannique.com and to add: “We will then see a magnificent tribute paid by the king to his late and very late mother. Thus, the United Kingdom would definitively turn the page of the longest reign of Great Britain in paying him a vibrant tribute.

Faced with such enthusiasm around this supposed date of sacrament, Buckingham Palace finally came out of silence. In the columns of the site The Mirror, a spokesman for the palace would have affirmed that it was about a “pure speculation”. It must be said that such a historic event still requires months of preparation. “The traditional period of mourning in the UK following the demise of the monarch is one year. This is the period for royal mourning, but it is also the period necessary to organize and put in place the next coronation”, reminds us of Kévin Guillot.