The queen is dead, long live the king. The eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II, Charles III, is the new monarch of the United Kingdom and therefore has the eyes of the whole world on him. If he was known as Prince Charles for 73 years, he must now impose himself on the throne, after the long reign of his mother. A difficult task, especially since the slightest of his actions is scrutinized by the press and commentators.

One photo in particular has been talked about for several days, as Planet explained on Tuesday, September 13. We see Charles III with the new Prime Minister Liz Truss, at Buckingham Palace. If he wears an impeccable costume, the new sovereign has red and swollen hands, a sign that he could be suffering from a health problem. Asked, the historian Kévin Guillot specifies: “Rumors indicate that the new king would have heart problems”.

Across the Channel, British commentators have even called his fingers “sausages” and are trying to understand the origin of this appearance. In addition to heart problems, edema or osteoarthritis are mentioned by doctors on television sets. Photos posted on Twitter from recent months show that the problem could be older, as Charles III’s fingers already appeared to be swollen in previous days and even this summer.

If the subject can make you smile, it actually shows the concern of some around the health of the new monarch, 73 years old. Nothing indicates that Charles III is not in a condition to reign, nor even that he would have fragile health. According to The Mirror, the hands of the king would be a subject of conversation… Since his birth! The British newspaper quotes a letter written by Queen Elizabeth II at the birth of her eldest son, in which she explains: “The baby is very cute and we are very proud of him. He has interesting hands for a baby. They are quite broad, with long fingers that don’t look like mine let alone his dad’s. It will be interesting to see how they evolve.”