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at The beginning of its existence, before the end of the world that was the prison of the Marshalsea, were to the child a short time happy and carefree in the village river in Chatham (Kent), in the south East of England. Charles John Huffman Dickens was nine years old and I was walking one morning with his father, John, a guy handsome, jovial and head very lightly, that I would end up a prisoner for his debts. When going to a mansion house called Gad’s Hill Place, built at the end of the XVIII century by a mayor of nearby Rochester, John he commented to his son that this would be a home according to needs , and the status of an overcomer.

Thirty-five years later, the child, become the writer most famous of his era, he bought tocateja the villa and its gardens by 1.790 pounds and she would die in June of 1870, at the age of 58. A smoker since he was fifteen, drinker, generous, punished for decades by a drop cruel and hemorrhoids, is collapsed by a stroke in the living room of Gad’s Hill so as not to arouse more . In the eyes of the letraheridos is not without its charm, in that same lot where he lived and died Dickens had located old Shakespeare a theft from the wonderful rogue Sir John Falstaff , a character that surpassed his author, came to life and today walks alone.

Tour of readings

Oliver Twist, David Copperfield, Little Dorrit, Pickwick, Scrooge, Little Nell… are some of the two thousand sons of Dickens and also follow breathing next to us. Characters dear to all countries and classes, we still encourage without ceasing, readings, films and series. Although geniuses snobs as Virginia Woolf and Henry James lamented that there were deeply psychological. If the listen to the bustling populace of victorian London, which she adored Dickens and bought by the streets, the delivery of your brochures directly abofetearía.

Dickens became the first novelist who enjoyed a public status similar to that of the current stars of film and pop. His tours of readings by the united States were the most similar to the beatlemanía before The Beatles . With a physical faltering and prematurely-ageing, it still offered an average of 130 annual conferences around the Uk. The audience laughed, cried and gripped him by listening to him giving life theatrically to the regions most popular of his stories.


the Father of ten children, holder of a lover’s secret of a few cronies and exploited, he calculated that support costs annually equivalent to 630,000 pounds of today. The money was always very important for the writer, a estajanovista tireless, for a reason simple: they knew first hand what that can cause not having it.

The nightmares of his childhood, when he met the misery and labour exploitation in a seedy factory bitumen exhausting workdays, he took with him all his adult life. Never forgave his mother, Elizabeth Barrow, who abocase to the underworld , so routine and inevitable for the majority low class, but so far for what you had promised your crib boy of middle class.

The engraving shows the chair and the desk of Dickens at his house, where he created his last works,

Dickens, man contradictory, almost bipolar . Overflowing charisma and charm. Imitator is a very gifted, he spent a bold sense of humor , sometimes deep black line (I managed to joke with beheadings and other savage acts of violent). I was going with plenty of energy, up to the point that one of his hobbies were the long walks in the evening, sometimes of more than thirty kilometers. I needed the light as the eating. Loved the geraniums, the flower, and he hated the masks for a bit of a scare child. Your vein of philanthropy what led you to start and manage a home in which they offered a future for women rescued from the street. It was an anti-slavery declared and your defense of children and of the lower classes was almost revolutionary in the rigid victorian England. It was the first novelist of his time, which gave a child, Oliver Twist, a role of the protagonist (in the London of his era half of all the deaths recorded were under the age of ten years).

Overflowing charisma and charm, but the novelist of the people was also a man-miracle

But the novelist of the people was also a man tormented, vengeful, anxious. Many times, relentless in their resentment. The way in which he separated from his wife and the mother of his ten children, Kate Hogarth, coming to cross it out crazy in a public letter, was infamous. Despite your friendly facade of achiever brimming with charm, it was a great solo , a creature broken on the inside by the deep wounds of his childhood (who, as the good English of the era of the “upper lip stiff” kept under lock in the safety deposit box where it then arrumbaba in England all excitement personal).

Olympus of the letters

Dickens had prepared his death. He and his lover-or rather, his true love, the actress Ellen Ternan, 27 years younger than he and whom he met when he was 45 and she 18, burned their correspondence, in an era puritan that would not accept a relationship like that. The writer was stipulated that he wanted to a discrete funeral in Rochester . His will is only respected in average. His funeral was attended by less than thirty attendees, yes… But it is officiated in the Abbey of Westminster, and was buried in the Pantheon of letters, the Corner of the Poets, with the eyes of Milton and Shakespeare to welcome it. To compensate for the paucity of the trade funeral, the dean of the temple opened the tomb to the public for two days. Spontaneously, the common people flooded the city of flowers , mostly plucked with their hands in the way to Westminster. At the end of the first day, a thousand people still waiting to the Abbey to pay their respects to the man who had told their lives, who had understood, or at least have had the consideration to have them present. Paradoxically, Dickens was able to perform that miracle artistic thanks to an experience of his childhood, which embittered the rest of his days.

became the first novelist who enjoyed a status comparable to that of the pop stars

The fall has exact date: February 9, 1824, two days after fulfilled twelve years. That day, his parents order him to begin to work in Warren’s Blacking , a store of bitumen on the banks of the Thames. The idea is of his mother: the child will be able to lend a hand at home with a salary of six shillings a week (about 30 euros today). Gone was his nostalgia for childhood in Kent, where he went to school like a normal child. Back left life rare that it had carried since his family had moved to London, wandering around without purpose for what then were the fields of Camden; out-of-school, without much to do, more than read with compulsion everything that fell into his hand and browse through the theatres and streets of the vast metropolis. In the store, Warren, crowded with rats, damp and smelly, the child Dickens worked more than ten hours a day sticking labels on pots of shoe Polish.

Negruras of the human soul

But the humiliation will still have a twist. Eleven days later, his father John, official paymaster in the British Navy, is imprisoned in the Marshalsea, the prison for debtors in Southwark, after a complaint from a baker that uncovered numerous pufos more. According to the custom of the time, when John enters the prison of the insolvent, his wife, and their children are going to live in your cells with it. Only Charles is still out to keep his job, even though he should spend his free day at the prison and dinner there every night with his family. In a stroke of luck, an unexpected inheritance from a grandmother allows his father to wipe away their debt and go free. But his mother forces the child to continue enslaved in the factory bitumen . Hence arises his hatred towards her (and also misogyny thinly disguised).

Dickens, who in some way educated himself, is a man-miracle. After getting rid of the bitumen back a couple of years at college, and then employed as clerk in a lawyer. Under the pseudonym of Boz start typing croniquillas parliamentary as a freelance press and some of the stories. With only 24 years old, takes off with a serial entitled the roles of The Club Pickwick. The last delivery will be shipped 40,000 copies. Is being born the myth.

His critics will chalk up an excess of sentimentality, anchored in stereotypes, superficial. But the public, judge definitive, always will succumb to his humor, compassion, and knowledge first-hand of the negruras of the human soul. Our common friend knew what they were doing.