TNT mouth blasts that the’politically correct’ for shooting pleasure from his occupation

I have been on the record for many years detailing why I think Charles Barkley is the worst man to place before a mic if anything of material has to be discussed. I have been on the list for stating that I think Barkley is the best power forward that has ever played the game of basketball, which that is the heart and soul of this very best studio sports series at the history of tv.

Confliction absorbs me, also this week demonstrated why.

Here are a Few of the excerpts:

Barkley does not wish to evolve, develop, and find out. He wishes to be cherished for what he’s without consequence.

Back in April, Barkley set the load of racism on elected officials rather than on real racists. In January, he explained that professional athletes should bypass the lineup for COVID vaccines since they pay more in taxes.