Chaos with the entry data border to Germany now opens but MontagDie border to Germany should not be open on Monday, but on Tuesday. This would have ensured that at the Transitions for problems. Now Germany has corrected the date.Sven Forster1 Kommentar1Offiziell the Germans open their borders only after the 15. June. Photo: Keystone

At the German borders, the Chaos lasted for the entry of data until the last second. As of Monday, the borders of Switzerland and France would be open to Germany, and thus, the shopping tourism will be possible. But then, the date has changed: In a press release of the German Federal Ministry of the Interior, it was said: “due to The Corona-pandemic-introduced border checks on intra-European internal borders, with the end of the 15. June.” This is also confirmed by the main customs office in Lörrach, compared to the “bz”.

shopping in Germany would have to for the Swiss only from Tuesday to be possible. The Problem: In Switzerland and in Germany, the 15. June as the day of the big Opening in the heads burned. “I’m going to assume that shopping tourists will be rejected at the border,” said Antje Bendel, a spokeswoman for the main customs office in Lörrach. The confusion was perfect.

On Saturday afternoon, the German Federal Ministry of the interior (BMI), corrected the date. In a Tweet, the BMI spokesman Steve age confirmed that the border controls at the 14. Around midnight on June be set. That means the Swiss will be allowed to enter the country in the night from Sunday to Monday in Germany.

What would have happened with the shopping-happy, would not have changed the date to Sunday? As the “Südkurier” writes, would have been rejected, no Swiss. The same was true for the French, whose boundaries are the same as those of Switzerland open from Monday at 00:01.

the reason for the original various data, a regulation is, to the end of the 15. June remains in force. Of Konstanz member of the German Bundestag, Andreas Jung showed, however, no understanding. He said: “The appointment was already known for a long time. We would have expected that it is possible then to agree on a single date.”

another oddity: two to celebrate the re-opening of the borders was announced on Monday.

The lake Constance ship companies have announced to start on Tuesday with the full international ship traffic. The BOD-managing Directors: “We are at the announcement, to be able to cruise again on Monday to fully record, on the last Wednesday of the facts assumed that we had classified as reliable. The opening of the border now moves to a day, for us, is surprising and of course also annoying.”

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