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The best press cartoons on Emmanuel Macron’s speech at 13 Heures

Many press cartoonists share their art on Twitter to comment on the news with their biting humour. On the program of this press review:...

Pension reform: these cases where a law, even passed, did not succeed

After the use of article 49.3, the two motions of censure filed against the pension reform were rejected by nine votes on Monday. Despairing...

Supplementary pension: when to apply to Agirc-Arrco?

When retiring, it is essential not to forget the request for your supplementary pension. To benefit from it, you must take the first steps...

Recall of canned cassoulet: the outlets concerned

The French love their regional specialties. Among them, the cassoulet retains, year after year, a place of choice, especially in the South-West, the native...
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