Centre Le Corbusier – the city wins the dispute, the Corbusier Haus Heidi Weber is subject to prior Federal court. Contrary to what the gallery owner required, you must create the city of Zurich for the art pavilion, a public-law Foundation. 4 Kommentare4Architektonisches jewel: The Centre Le Corbusier in Zurich’s Seefeld district is the final implemented design of Le Corbusier. Image: KEYSTONE/Steffen Schmidt

The strife between the gallerist and collector Heidi Weber of Zurich ends with a decision by the Federal judge in favor of the city. Since may 2014, the two parties will conduct negotiations on the future of the Museum, which not resulted in a contract. For this reason, the city had ruled no Foundation to create this grant is not a building, and the pavilion is not sent to the Zurich administrative court.

The Federal court to confirm on Thursday of this decision. The city of Zürich have committed to create for the Centre Le Corbusier, a public law Foundation, the judgment of the Lausanne judges.

“Letter of Intent” is not a contract

Weber, however, was of the view that she had received an assurance from the city to do so. You derived this claim from a “Letter of Intent” referred to the document. It will state that it is city President Corine Mauch is a great concern to secure the building sustainable for the Public. You would use for the creation of a Foundation. From this document, as well as other Writing and Mails to the Federal court but according to the not, a contract can be derived.

Failed before the Federal court: Heidi Weber, 1973, the Centre Le Corbusier.Image: KEYSTONE

The idea of a public-to create a legal Foundation, had to be abandoned, because in January 2018, the new Church law of the Canton of Zurich came into force. This is not a public-law foundations, and more. For this reason, the city proposed the establishment of an Association, which in turn rejected Weber.

Heidi Weber was the driving force behind the 1967, the opened cube with the striking coloured facade. The pavilion is the only building, the Charles-Edouard Jeanneret, alias Le Corbusier, in the German part of Switzerland implemented. The gallery owner paid at the time the pavilion, and the city of the parcel of land at the Zurich horn in the building for 50 years free of charge.

(judgment 2C_1085/2019 from the 8.5.2020)


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