This is a new request for release rejected for Cédric Jubillar. Incarcerated since June 2021 for intentional homicide of a spouse, the 30-year-old is suspected of being the cause of the disappearance of his wife, Delphine Jubillar, born Aussaguel. Remember: the mother disappeared on the night of December 15 to 16, 2020, and has not given the slightest sign of life since. According to a scenario elaborated at length by the investigators, an argument would have degenerated within the couple in the process of divorcing for several months already.

A year after the indictment of Cédric Jubillar, his lawyers hoped for the release of the suspect, in the name of the presumption of innocence. The verdict fell this Monday, June 13, 2022: the judge of freedoms and detention renewed the placement in pre-trial detention of the concerned, for at least six months. This is the fourth request for release rejected, and his lawyers wish, according to information from the Parisian, to appeal this decision.

Last week, Maître Jean-Baptiste Alary, the suspect’s lawyer, confided in our columns. The lawyer insisted heavily on the fact that all the elements put forward by the prosecution could “be the subject of a dispute”. He also addressed his client’s daily life in prison, “increasingly difficult”, in his words. “He has been in detention for a year, he has been in solitary confinement. The only human contact he has is with the prison staff, whose role is not to maintain a relationship”, continues Maître Alary. Since his imprisonment, Cédric Jubillar has “no visiting room”, informs us his lawyer.