The famous French pastry chef Cédric Grolet is no longer a heart to take. As reported by our colleagues from Purepeople, the star who was elected Best Pastry Chef in the world in 2018 is in a relationship with a pretty young woman named Astrid-Olivia. Followed by more than 45,000 subscribers on Instagram, she regularly shares photos of her daily life with her darling, to the delight of her subscribers.

Before being in a relationship with the sublime brunette, Cédric Grolet would have lived a highly publicized romance with a reality TV star named Nathanya. The latter, who participated in the programs Les Anges and La Villa des coeursbroken, had recounted one of her meetings with the pastry chef during an interview with Océane for the VDBuzz Youtube channel.

“He had taken me to a very nice place, where it was very pretty. The problem is that this dress is very long and when we started walking I stepped on my dress so it was very embarrassing,” she said and added, “What I love about him is that he’s surprising. keys would perhaps be obvious”.

Against all expectations, the couple would have ended up separating some time later. On February 14, 2022, on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, Cédric Grolet shared a nice photo of his sweetheart on the web with the caption: “I should share with you my 24-hour non-stop working day! but today it’s here

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