Aimer, Vérone, or Les Rois du monde… These hits left their mark on the biggest fans of Romeo and Juliet, from love to hate, the musical that revealed Cécilia Cara and Damien Sargue in 2001. At the time , the two singers were the headliners of the show adapted from Shakespeare’s famous play, which enjoyed triumphant success in France and across several countries around the world.

An incredible epic for the singer Cécilia Cara, discovered two years before in Graines de Stars on M6, who will hold this role for two years. In 2003, the young artist continued her solo career where she distinguished herself in a duet with Florent Pagny and Ronan Keating before receiving the trophy for Female Musical Revelation of the Year at the Women in Gold Trophies. At the same time, she performed at the theater in La Sœur (2006), Tonton Léon Story (2008) and Le Carton (2015). While obtaining roles on television (Joséphine, guardian angel, Camping Paradis, Crime à Ramatuelle…).

However, the passion for musicals has never left the singer and actress Cécilia Cara, playing in the shows Grease (2008), Bonnie and Clyde (2009) or Once upon a time Joe Dassin (2011). If she did not take over the role of Juliette Capulet in the latest version of the musical, she recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of the show with her accomplice Damien Sargue.

The opportunity for the two artists to meet again, as if they had never left each other. “Even if we don’t see each other for a year, […] We’re like a 20-year-old couple, […] it’s like home. We’ve always followed each other in our projects” , they confided to Here. “It’s part of us, we’re proud of it.”

While the two actors formed an emblematic couple, Cécilia Cara however shared the life of Arthur Jugnot. Together, they had a son named Célestin, born in March 2013. A few years later, the singer announced her separation with the son of Gérard Jugnot. “Few people know it, but I am separated from Arthur (…) It has been some time already”, she affirmed in Here Paris before continuing. “We have always managed to act in the best interest of our child”.

Woman, artist and accomplished mother, Cécilia Cara continues her solo career and also performs in Le Grand Show des Comédies Musicales, on tour in Paris and throughout France until 2023. Here is what becomes of the singer through our slideshow.