Cécile de France hot at 47: her metamorphosis throughout her career


On December 28, actress Cécile de France will star in the film La passenger by Héloïse Pelloquet. In this fiction, she embodies the role of Chiara, a woman married to a fisherman living alongside her on an island off the Atlantic coast. His life will be turned upside down by the arrival of an apprentice. In this feature film, the actress will live a “forbidden” story, questioning both desire and female pleasure.

“My character is confronted with the judgment of society and the laws it dictates to us. She makes the choice to emancipate herself. Even if it costs her enormously, she chooses to leave everything behind. She is looking for pleasure and joy”, she declared to Actu.fr

At 47, Cécile de France assumes her body, as she had declared to Version Femina. “I found it important to show my body as a 47-year-old woman as it is. It’s crazy to verbalize it like this: I’m still young. But I’m no longer in the standards of beauty,” she said. . During the filming of the film, the actress shot nude scenes with her 23-year-old partner Félix Lefebvre. “It was very easy and very joyful! Félix and I have the same relationship with the body: we consider it an extraordinary work tool. […] We put ourselves at the service of the story of our characters, and as Héloïse had choreographed the scenes very well, everything was fluid“, she added.

Planet invites you to discover his sublime physical metamorphosis throughout his career.