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Real Madrid has already begun to look toward the future after the disappointment that was stay out of the Champions league . With the crisis of the coronavirus hitting the world of sport, the plans of the white club have been disrupted and this has resulted in a new line of work, more austere, in that the return of ceded has taken more importance.

At the turn, confirmed Martin Odegaard after a notable year in the Royal Society, the club wants to be one of Dani Ceballos , which until recently had more options to continue in the Arsenal one more year to return to Madrid.

In principle, the idea is that the Spanish international make the preseason team and Zidane then decide if continue or not in the locker room real madrid.

last year, the French chose to go without a profile creative as the Ceballos , but the possible departure of players who occupy that position could make a hole in the template for the next season.

Camila has very good image among the fans of Real Madrid , that they see with good eyes his return to the team. In the Arsenal, the midfielder has been one of the leaders of the English side, who was champion of the FA Cup to earn Chelsea in the final.

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