The leadership of the Mainz CDU, has voted unanimously in favour of a independent candidate, the 35-year-old Nino Haase, in the mayor election campaign. In the next few days by the circle Board of chosen bearers of hope who grew up in Mainz, especially as the spokesman of the citizens initiative against the “Bible tower,” known to the base in two rounds of talks to be presented. The nomination party for the 4. February in the kurfürstliches Schloss castle, scheduled.

Markus Schug

correspondent of the Rhein-Main-Zeitung in Mainz.

F. A. Z.

It was so, that it is the Mainz CDU lack of its own candidates, said the County Chairman, Sabine Flegel at the presentation of the non-party candidate on the 27. October, incumbent Michael Ebling (SPD) is intended to defeat. The Coup had been prepared since August in Quiet, however, till Monday evening, the secret could be kept was, rather, a clear Signal to the citizens that the CDU wanted to go new ways, to bring “fresh Wind into the city hall, old structures break up and win cross-party support for people from all generations for our vision and concepts”.

Explicitly have been asked for more fractions, also behind Haase and to support the former speaker of the citizens ‘ initiative, the Gutenberg Museum, which has prevented the of the city to the lovely woman as an extension of the planned “Bible tower” in April 2018 with the help of a referendum, in the election campaign. It is a matter “to solve the various problems in Mainz,” said flail, and the Chairman of the group of Hanns Georg Schönig. It’s going to be “restart” for the city. The post geschachere and the back-room politics since the 2009 ruling a traffic light coalition would have to be terminated. Specifically, the CDU pursued two objectives: the municipal elections on 26 October. To win in may and in the fall of the “upper party master,” Ebling replace. In order for this to succeed, must prove the Union of courage, a little trust, and also time new, unconventional paths.

Haase includes party admission

A soon-to-be party admission, the 35-year-old chemist Haase from the castle, however, has studied in Mainz and this is his thesis: “I am a political person, but not a party soldier.” Nevertheless, we have found in the previous discussions, many of the substantive Compliance, said the former Rugby player who was also used for the Radio and at times a private Start-up companies. Nationally known with his partner in the old town of the living Haase, father of an eleven-year-old son was by his almost ten years of past performance in the Pro-Seven-game show “Schlag den Raab”. At the time, succeeded in the Hessian Obertshausen-born all-rounder to conquer in an hour-long Competition, the TV-presenter Stefan Raab, which brought him a profit in the amount of three million euros and thus at a stroke of great economic independence.

In Mainz, it is not lacking, in his opinion, currently, much: Of a traffic concept, which provides plenty of cycle routes and Park-and-ride facilities, and a functioning site management, in order for the City to stay longer, “impassable”. It lacked but also to agreements between the Departments, to the new residential and commercial space and, not least, proximity to the citizens. Yet Haase is missing a Vision. By 2030, so his idea should be viewed with a lot of Potential-equipped University town, for example, in the case of the settlement of innovative enterprises play a leading role in the Rhine-Main area. The person responsible in the city hall, he accused, “only on sight” and the loved one with the realization of expensive magnificent buildings, to employ as the town hall redevelopment. His son had to go to the water Park to the Rhine-Hesse, because of the long time neglected the Mainz facility was dilapidated.