what is so Fantastic about the moments of freedom is not to know how it ends. In the CDU and almost two decades of leadership was not felt heard in the past six weeks often, how liberating it was, at least for a while, the tight corset a – again, to be able to say anything without it being interpreted in the same way as an opinion for or against the Chairperson, Angela Merkel.

But freedom is only for strong characters. Anyone who gets involved with you, you must be willing to accept what it brings. According to the decision on the Hamburg party Congress, which ran out extremely just for the benefit of Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, however, doubts whether all the supporters of the defeated Friedrich Merz are willing to accept the defeat and continue constructive. Dramatically, the disappointment, the risk of spills will be described now in the camp of the Merz-supporters of the reactions.

Merz itself was not bent when he asked the CDU in Hamburg, after his defeat, to support the new Chairman. As he said, although he would have liked to have won, I made him “great fun”, he looked relaxed. Wanted Friedrich Merz to be really, really, the CDU-Chairman and, later, Chancellor? He was willing to endure all the hardships that such positions bring with them? He would be able to between constituency appearances, and the Brussels European nights, not to Jack, but also the tenth defeat, in the eleventh start-up a small success to enter? So the Chancellor looks everyday.

In his political life, which lasted until 2009, before he showed up now and again, he has not provided this evidence. Even in 2002, when Angela Merkel grabbed the Post of the Chairman of the group, he is not arrayed against you. However, the man told him in these days as the Best “recommended for the country”, he should not try it in the first place against Merkel had at the time. Wolfgang Schäuble, was the most prominent of the driving forces behind the candidacy of Merz.