Caterina Murino returns to our screens. The Italian star is one of the heroines of The house opposite, an unpublished fiction which begins this September 20 on M6. Adapted from the original Dutch series “Nieuwe Buren” (The Neighbours), this French version directed by Lionel Bailliu follows the adventures of neighboring couples in a suburban suburb that hides many mysteries.

Among the stars of the small screen in the cast of The house opposite, we find Caterina Murino in a relationship with the actor Thierry Neuvic (Le Mystère Daval), while the actress Julie de Bona (Les Combattantes) forms a household with Marc Ruchmann (Heart plan on Netflix). A quartet that will be linked in a very singular plot mixing adultery, swinging and secrets. “The subject of swinging is surprising in a series,” explained the Italian star for Var-Matin.

Through this dramatic mini-series made up of six episodes, Caterina Murino plays Livia, the wife of Stéphane (played by Thierry Neuvic) who works in the same school as her neighbor Eve (Julie de Bona), living with Yanis ( Marc Ruchman). Both parents of a teenager with a strong character, the couple knew how to maintain the flame after twenty years of marriage. But, their reputation does not seem to be unanimous within the district…

With this serious and dramatic role, Caterina Murino continues to surprise the public after 22 years of career. While she was destined for medical studies, the former contender for the title of Miss Italy headed for comedy in the 2000s by taking acting lessons. Among her notable screen appearances, we note notable films such as L’Enquête Corse, Les Bronzés 3 – Amis pour la vie or her role as a James bond girl in Casino Royale with Daniel Craig.

Also multiplying the roles on television between Italy and France (Le temps est assassin, Plan B, Balthazar…), Caterina Murino has established herself with the public by gaining significant notoriety. From her many appearances on the red carpet, here is an anthology of her hot photos through our slideshow.